Bespoke Gifting

We invite you to collaborate with us on crafting moments of distinction, tailored to your discerning tastes. Whether it is a milestone celebration or a gesture of appreciation, we are poised to be your partner in crafting remarkable moments that transcend expectations.

We curate Australia’s finest, experiences that embody luxury, exclusivity, and the art of the extraordinary. We eagerly await the chance to understand your unique preferences, aspirations and gifting needs. With your inspiration, together we can design bespoke offerings that leave a lasting impression. Explore the enchanting world of Australian Rare now. 

Unlock Extraordinary Moments

We believe that every occasion deserves a touch of rarity, a dash of uniqueness that sets it apart. At Australian Rare our bespoke gifting service is here to craft those extraordinary experiences tailored just for you.

Why Choose Bespoke?

When you choose bespoke gifting, you’re not just giving a gift – you’re giving a piece of heart and soul. Our team of artisans and experts work tirelessly to curate one-of-a-kind creations that speak volumes.

The Process



We start with a conversation. Share your vision, your story, and the emotions you wish to convey through this gift.


Crafting & Curation

Our team meticulously selects the finest, rarest, and most exquisite pieces to bring your vision to life. Each element is crafted with precision and passion, ensuring every detail is perfect.



Your bespoke gift is elegantly packaged, ready to create a moment that will be cherished forever.

What We Offer


Tailored Selections

From unique gemstones to handcrafted artifacts, we source and create pieces that resonate with your sentiments.



Engrave a name, add a special date, or include a heartfelt message to make your gift truly one-of-a-kind.


Exclusive Packaging

Our bespoke gifts are presented in exquisite packaging, reflecting the rarity and beauty within.

Let's Begin the Journey

Are you ready to create a gift that transcends ordinary?
To embark on a journey of crafting moments that transcend expectations?

We are committed to doing our part to ensure that our planet remains healthy and sustainable for future generations. 5% of profits support efforts to protect and preserve the natural world with a focus on conservation, restoration and reconciliation. 

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Let’s make your next celebration an extraordinary one!