Deep, dark, rich and sultry flavour profile. Perfect for those who have a refined palate. If you have a taste for only the most exquisite, sweet delicacies, Australian Rare is happy to oblige with its thoughtfully packaged honey gift boxes. Only 888 of the 2023 TA30+ Dwutta are produced. Dwutta is native to the coastal plains of Western Australia, from one of the last few remaining & protected biodiversity hotspots in the world. Presented in a bespoke hexagonal jar, inlaid with 22-karat gold and finished with a matching timber lid, it is accompanied by a handcrafted glass dipper and certificate of authenticity.


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Dwutta TA30+ Raw Honey

The Exotic for those who have refined taste

Native to the coastal plain of western Australia the dwutta tree (eucalyptus todtiana) grows very slowly only reaching a height of 15 metres upon full maturity. These resilient trees are believed to have a life span of up to 250 years.

Esteemed by the indigenous noongar people, the evergreen Dwutta tree plays a significant role as a vital habitat for various local fauna including nectar feeding birds. During the summer and early autumn the tree produces abundant clusters of white flowers, so profuse that they cause the branches to bow under their weight. The nectar rich flowers attract bees in great numbers, fostering a buzzing east coast system.

The nectar from the Dwutta flowers produces a dark amber colored monofloral honey which is full bodied with sweet burnt sugar aromas and a thick syrup like consistency.

Dwutta honey production represents less than 2% of Australian production. It is sought out by connoisseurs and is rapidly gaining popularity both due to its taste profile and natural properties.

The Science

Premium monofloral dwutta honey is recognised as a bioactive honey containing additional beneficial compounds beyond the typical sugars and enzymes found in most honey. In particular, it is relatively very high in antioxidants, has antibacterial properties and is filled with anti-inflammatory agents.

This batch of honey has been independently laboratory tested and was found to have:

  • TA | Total antimicrobial activity of >34% phenol equivalent
  • FRAP | Total antioxidant capacity of 445 umol TE/100g
  • ORAC | Total polyphenolics of 563 umol/100g
  • Total sugars of 71g/100g consistinting of 44g fructose and 27g glucose

Palynological analysis of the batch confirmed this to be a monofloral dwutta (eucalyptus todtiana) honey with the following floral origins:

  • Eucalyptus todtiana (dwutta) 69.37%
  • Corymbia calophylla (marri) 6.69%
  • Melaleuca / leptospermum species 6.34%
  • Other myrtaceae species 16.37%
  • All other species 1.23%

Sommelier’s Notes

Deep, dark, rich, and sultry flavour profile with a delicious bitter sweetness. For those who have a refined palate. Perfect for those who don’t like their honey too sweet or confectionery-like. A very grown-up honey.


Colour:  light amber, burnt orange, brick

Clarity: translucent with limited sparkle or brightness present

Consistency: heavy syrup with no crystals or sediment


Intensity: intense with delightful port aroma

Black coffee, chocolate, forest resin with a slightly smokey finish

Deep, dark, rich and sultry flavour profile


No crystals or sediment, very runny

Clean finish


Intensity: intense

Initial molasses and dark treacle flavour that gives it a dark sweetness with a metallic edge. Base notes of raw cacao nibs with the bitterness of strong black coffee. Very slight, green vegetal, bitter raw stem flavours appearing at the end.


Best matched with creamy and fresh products like marscapone. The coffee and liqueur flavour profile is be a great substitute for tiramisu.  This honey is sophisticated enough to handle competing bold flavours like ginger or chilli to create a layered experience. For examples drizzled on baked goods like a ginger scone with fresh cream.

Our quality guarantee

Single origin raw honey
Small batch (only 888 available)
Independently laboratory tested
Fully traceable to source
Sommelier selected