Full bodied and silky with a smooth complexity. This is nature’s gift, a rare healing elixir. Referred to as “The Supreme”, this is for those who seek the exceptional. The bees that produce this honey are some of the world’s healthiest. They forage within the 300-year-old native jarrah forests of the Southwest Australia Biodiversity Hotspot in pure and clean surroundings. It has extraordinary medicinal properties of being very high total activity, high antioxidant content and low glycaemic index relative to other honeys. Jarrah honey is also 20 times rarer than manuka. Only 888 jars are produced. Presented in a bespoke hexagonal jar, inlaid with 22-karat gold and finished with a matching timber lid, it is accompanied by a handcrafted glass dipper and certificate of authenticity.


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Jarrah TA35+ Raw Honey

The Supreme for those who want the exceptional

The majestic jarrah tree (eucalyptus marginata) is endemic to the south west of Australia and boasts an astonishing lifespan of up to 1,000 years. This iconic tree has a notably slow growth rate, requiring 120 years to reach full maturity.

Not all trees blossom simultaneously, rather, the jarrah’s flowering pattern is contingent upon the availability of winter rainfall and spring warmth. Each tree selectively produces flowers for a brief period from late spring to early summer every two to four years when the environmental conditions align harmoniously. During these rare events the jarrah tree adorns itself in magnificent cream coloured flowers, presenting a breath-taking spectacle.

The nectar from the jarrah of flower produces one of the world’s most premier honeys. It has extraordinary natural properties of being very high total activity, high antioxidant content and low glycemic index relative to other honeys. This combines with a taste profile that is deep and complex along with the fact that it doesn’t crystalise as a raw product to result in an exceptional and sought after honey. Jarrah honey is also 20 times rarer than manuka.

The Science

Premium monofloral jarrah honey is a powerful bioactive honey with some of the highest antimicrobial strength in the world as well as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and unique antifungal properties. It is also low on the glycemic index making it a “diabetic friendly” honey.
This batch of honey has been independently laboratory tested and was found to have:

  • TA | Total antimicrobial activity of >35% phenol equivalent
  • ORAC | Total antioxidant capacity of 345 umol TE/100g
  • FRAP | Total polyphenolics of 596 umol/100g
  • Total sugars of 68g/100g consistinting of 44g fructose and 23g glucose

Palynological analysis of the batch confirmed this to be a monofloral jarrah (eucalyptus marginata) honey with the following floral origins:

  • Eucalyptus marginata (jarrah) 81.37%
  • Eucalyptus patens (blackbutt) 4.97%
  • Other myrtaceae species 10.86%
  • All other species 2.80%


Sommelier’s Notes

Full bodied with a smooth complexity. Silky and complex without being intimidating.


Colour: light amber, burnt orange, brick

Clarity: translucent with limited sparkle or brightness present

Consistency: heavy syrup with no crystals or sediment


Intensity: medium to intense with savoury aroma

Umami, soy sauce, aged wood

Slightly present resinous, burnt nut and tobacco


No crystals or sediment, quite runny

Buttery, syrup-like mouthfeel


Intensity: medium

Savoury, salted fruit persistence

Base notes: malted nuts, burned sugar, creme brulee, salted caramel, refined, yet juicy

Top notes: dark fruit syrup



Over a cheddar with green apple. The honey’s nuttiness pairs well with the full-bodied cheese and freshness of the apple. The apple’s tart sweetness will balance out the savoury, salty notes in the honey.


Our Quality Guarantee

Single origin raw honey
Small batch (only 888 available)
Independently laboratory tested
Fully traceable to source
Sommelier selected